About Us

Hi, welcome to She and Me.

We are so glad you could drop in for a visit.
This page is to let you know a little about us and what you might find on this blog.

We live in Queensland Australia in a suburban home we like to call Wits End.

My name is Michelle (aka) Me.
She is a facet of my personality,the often stronger right brain to my struggling left.

She is the more visually creative, coming up with endless ideas (many of them impractical.)
She speaks to random strangers while standing in waiting lines.And finds pleasure and admiration for everything and everyone! (rather an amazing talent.)

Me? I'm the more practical side,the one that tries to make She's imaginings into actuality and keeps the business and domestic side of things some - what on track.

The one that has to convince She, that some of her ideas cannot be achieved quite so easily ( if at all. )
That she shouldn't speak to EVERY stranger we meet, or that fifty ornaments in one house is probably enough!

Together we are She & Me.

We believe in recycling, reclaiming,revitalizing and reinventing
We love seeking out vintage treasures.Finding the dated and unappreciated, the rejected and dejected, the forgotten and forlorn.

Bringing them home to the comfort of Wits End, where we apply some creative pampering and primping along with a few drops of confidence and a little pep talk.

The ones that don't stay with us, are able to be adopted by others and loved for the wonderful vintage pieces they are.With the help of a few of Shes little friends,we make sure they have fun preparing for adoption.And that they enjoy posing for the camera with their new found confidence.

You can find the rescued and released here in our Etsy store
On our Facebook page you can see or buy items before they hit the store and be privy to discounts or competitions.

Here on the blog we will be telling tales of our thrifting adventures,chatting about different vintage styles and brands and showcasing our handmade items made from vintage and new materials

You can also expect a lot of eccentricity, random things and thoughts, objects we like and photos we take.There will be links to other blogs and sites you may find interesting.A fair bit of silliness especially from She, the occasional fairytale piece and maybe even the odd poem.

We hope you can come back to visit often and we would love it, if you would be kind enough to leave us a comment now and again, share a post, or tell us about your finds, news or adventures.
We like you to know what to expect, but we would also like you to find the unexpected !

So hold on tight as you fall into our own private rabbit hole and wonder the winding whimsical wickerwork world of She & Me.

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