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Indoor plants and vintage planters

It seems indoor plants, especially in interesting pots or planters are still one of the hottest interior home decor trends.

 I'm really enjoying the fact that the past few years have shown a world wide resurgence in the interest of indoor plants.
I think this renewed fashion has been helped along a great deal by environmental awareness, as well as the popularity of mid century and 70s trends in decor. As both of those styles were very big on  incorporating indoor plants or house plants into interior decor.
Indoor plants displayed in vintage planters

Indoor plants on vintage bar cart and artists painting above
Art piece by Natasha Gardos


 Indoor plant decor

Growing up with plant loving parents, our garden as well as our house was always filled with wonderful plants and flowers. I suppose it was from this lovely influence, that in my own homes, having not only a outdoor garden but an interior one, has always been an essential part of who I am.
Not only do I enjoy the look of plants, I absolutely love the feeling plants bring to a space, don't you?

 Indoor plant, with vintage home decor pieces and artists painting on the wall
Art piece by Natasha Gardos

Devils ivy indoor plant in vintage planter pot

 Phalaenopsis orchid  indoor plant with an artists painting
Art piece by Natasha Gardos

Phalenopsis orchid indoor plant in brass vintage planter on hall console

Phalenopsis orchid indoor plant in vintage brass  planter.

Plants bring life to any area, clean the air and make us feel good.
That isn't just my own opinion, it is scientific fact.
 Though most plant lovers, my self included, will tell you that they knew that already. Which is exactly why they loved having plants around them!

Sanservieria indoor plant on a tiger bamboo table

Now don't think that I have a glowing green thumb, because the truth unfortunately is very far from it!
 Inconsistency is probably my biggest fault (and not just with plants!)
 But that doesn't stop me from having an indoor garden.
 Even if I do have to relegate the occasional plant to the compost! I try not to feel too bad about that part. As I tell He, they may have died, but at least I environmentally recycled them!   
But I keep trying and I do learn along the way, and I have definitely improved over time.

Jade indoor plant in a  chinese style planter

Indoor plants displayed in vintage metal planters

 Indoor plants and their containers, vintage or contemporary, can add so much to your decor.
 You can rearrange them at anytime, by moving them around to different areas in your room or home. You can change the pot or planter or even replace the plants themselves. This can all be done seasonally or just randomly, when the mood takes you.

Indoor plants displayed in ceramic planters

Plants in vintage containers

Maiden hair fern indoor plant in a vintage planter

 I like to think of the plants and planters, as changeable accessories, just like cushions! My plants are a constantly evolving  display. Besides vessels designed for plants, I like to use cups and jugs, vases, compotes, baskets and sugar bowls or anything else that takes my fancy or matches the look I'm after. I also tend to keep my plants in the standard sized plastic pot that it grows in, then I display them inside another planter of some kind. Using this method I am then able to place a changing array of plants in the one planter. And of course it works the other way, you can keep your fave plants and just change their planter to get a different look.

Jade indoor plant in a vintage enamel planter

Succulent indoor plant in a vintage planter

Just as we extend our living space outdoors, having indoor plants as part of your decor brings the outdoors in!
Which brightens and lightens the feel of your home.
 This can be done in such a variety of ways, as there are plants and display styles to suit every individual and their space.
From elegant to colourful  and quirky, from earthy and environmental  to the latest mod style, boho chic  to  city glam, the choices are endless and all yours.
 You might even be able to come up with a new style of your own.

Indoor succulent plant in a vintage face jug

So if you haven't started creating an interior garden of your own as yet, my advise is
 "Get to it"
Start with just one plant in an interesting planter, and see how it makes you feel.
I will be posting some tips on caring for your indoor plant soon, so watch out for that one.
And if you are looking for indoor plant display ideas, I have collected quite a few interesting styles and various ideas on my - Interior Garden - Pinterest board, that you might like to check out.
You can find it here

Succulent and fern plants in vintage enamelware

If you are already an indoor gardener or lover of vintage planters and have any tips or tricks, please share with us, I'm sure we would all love to here from you.

Happy indoor gardening everyone!


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