Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dog Gone Cute - Vintage Post Cards

Whilst pocking around in the card and paper section of a local op shop, we came across a package of vintage postcards. The cards were wrapped in a see through plastic bag, that had been diligently sealed with quite a lot of tape! So only the top card was visible.
As you can see by the picture below, the top post card was a cute illustration of dogs on a street corner.
She fell instantly for the little sausage dog! And though I'm very partial to Scotty dogs, it was the style of the illustration and the colours used that I took a shine to.

Vintage Dog Post Card

We wondered what was likely to be in the rest of the package.We could see that all the cards were the same size, so we hoped they would be from the same set.The conclusion of the wondering was that it would be either, more of the same card (which is what I expected) or variations of the top one.

As I wrote in this post Easter Bunnies  I knew it would be futile to argue
 with She,
when it came to the question of  buying a package of unknown content.  
  And as we both thought the top card was just so, well.. doggone cute!
And definitely worth the price, even if it the only cute card was the one we could see.
So we purchased the little package of cards and tape. 

On our arrival home, She, of course, attacked the plastic bag with hand and scissors in her excited impatience to see its contents!

Vintage illustrated Post Cards of cute animals

And as you can see, it turned out there were actually four different illustrations of cute dogs, one even included a few friendly felines as well.
There were a number of repeats in the package, but unfortunately only one copy of the sausage dog and poodle together!

Illustrated post card of  cute poodle and sausage dog

Vintage post card of cute dogs

Vintage illustrated post card of cute animals

 So we decided to keep the set of four to include in our own collection, and the spares will go into our Etsy store. 
Vintage illustration of cute dogs on a post card

vintage illustrated post card of a poodle and sausage dog

Vintage illustration of cute animals

Vintage illustrated post card of a cute dog and three kitens.

Aren't they wonderful?

I have tried to research the artist Inge Scherer. So far I have found no information. The only thing I did find were some other postcards by the same artist. There were a few of  sweet little kittens and one of a lion, all in the same lovely style.

So if you happen to know any information about the artist, please let us know.
Hope you enjoyed viewing our little ephemera find.

 Which one is your favourite?


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