Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Just had to share some Japanese cuteness with you, or Kawaii.
We were given these very sweet gifts from our Daughter T, on her return from a recent trip to Japan.

Kawaii Japanese dog and chic on match box and matches

First up are these Kawaii match boxes.
I just love the little face on each match.
So simple but sweet.

Kawaii dog and chic on matches
Kawaii dog and chick on Japanese packaging

Then we have Tokyo Banana!

Japanese sweet
Japanese packaged sweet Tokyo Banana

A souvenir sweet of Tokyo, lovely fluffy sponge cakes with a custard type banana flavoured filling. Mmmm!

Japanese  sweet

And last, but far from least, this box of cookie, of a very funny little character named Gudetama.
Gudetama is a little unusual because he is an egg! A very lazy egg.

Japanese box of cookies, Gudetama the lazy egg
Gudetama, pronounced (Goo-deh tama), is a character created by the same company ( Sanrio ) as
Hello Kitty.
 He has his own Twitter and Facebook accounts with very large followings!

Japanese cookies gudetama,side of box

Kawaii Japanese cookies of Gudetama

Most Sanrio characters are cute and sweet
 Gudetama is definitely cute, but he is also extremely lazy and depressed.

Some articles have reported the character is based on the way parents see their millennial children!
 Whatever ideas are behind his creation, I think he is a little weird, sweet and often funny.
(Be warned there is some grossness attached to him as well!)
 He is a big sensation in Japan, and his popularity is spreading across the world.
When I looked at a few gifs and clips staring Gudetama, I could see why.

Gudetama the lazy egg


I love the Japanese culture for many reason. One of the biggest has to be their wonderful products, whether food, utensils, decor or art, so much effort has gone into making them cute, beautiful or evocative.
Their products are never just something you eat or use.
 They often bring a smile to my face or twang my heart strings.
And that is something I can always have more of.

What about you?

I think I might go and watch... just a few more.... Gudetama clips!
She : D
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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dog Gone Cute - Vintage Post Cards

Whilst pocking around in the card and paper section of a local op shop, we came across a package of vintage postcards. The cards were wrapped in a see through plastic bag, that had been diligently sealed with quite a lot of tape! So only the top card was visible.
As you can see by the picture below, the top post card was a cute illustration of dogs on a street corner.
She fell instantly for the little sausage dog! And though I'm very partial to Scotty dogs, it was the style of the illustration and the colours used that I took a shine to.

Vintage Dog Post Card

We wondered what was likely to be in the rest of the package.We could see that all the cards were the same size, so we hoped they would be from the same set.The conclusion of the wondering was that it would be either, more of the same card (which is what I expected) or variations of the top one.

As I wrote in this post Easter Bunnies  I knew it would be futile to argue with She, about buying a package of unknown content.  
  And as we both thought the top card was just so - doggone cute!
And definitely worth the price,even if it the only nice card was the one we could see.
We purchased the little package of cards and tape. 

On our arrival home, She of course, attacked the plastic bag with hand and scissors in her excited impatience to see its contents!

Vintage cute dog Post Cards

And as you can see there were four different illustrations of cute canines, one even included a few friendly felines as well.
There were a number of repeats in the package, though unfortunately only one copy of the sausage dog and poodle together.

 poodle and sausage dog vintage post card

Vintage post card of cute dogs

Vintage illustrated post card of a group of cute dogs

 So we will be keeping the set of four to include in our own collection, and the spares will go into our Etsy store. 

vintage illustrated post card of a poodle and sausage dog

Cute and funny post card of dogs

Vintage illustrated post cards of cute dogs

Aren't they wonderful?

I have tried to research the artist Inge Scherer. So far I have found no information. The only thing I did find were some other postcards by the same artist. The post cards were of kittens and a lion.

So if you happen to know any information about the artist, please let us know.
Hope you enjoyed viewing our little ephemera find.

 Which one is your favourite?


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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Free 2015 Calender of Vintage Fashion

Hello and Happy New Year 2015!

To start the year off, She & Me have put together this vintage fashion calender for all our readers to print for free!

I'm sure you will love the wonderful glam and elegance of the vintage illustrations, as much as we do. 
And of course, since She had a hand in finding the illustrations, there is a touch of humour in a few of them as well.
 Here are two of my personal favourites, so you can see an example of what you will find on the calender.

So as each new month arrives we hope our vintage fashion calender brings a smile to your face and a  spring to your step.
Lets get this fresh new year going.
With a touch of vintage style of course!

She and Me Vintage illustration calender

So click the link and print!
 You can choose to print the whole 12 months or print one or so and come back again when needed.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Marimo Moss Ball

I would like to introduce you to my Marimo moss ball.

Everyone this is Mossy.
Mossy this is everyone.

Marimo moss ball being held

Isn't he cute?
He lives in this vintage Moccona coffee jar, on our kitchen bench. So you can imagine we get to see a lot of each other, especially as the kitchen is an open plan design.
 Every day Mossy and I have a little play. I keep a small bamboo stick with his glass house, and I twirl the water around and around with it. This makes Mossy lift up and spin around, then as I stop he floats back to the stone base and rolls around a bit.
 This keeps him nice and round.
I've read that if they don't get moved around much at all, then Marimo moss balls have a tendency to get flat or fat bottoms!

Marimo moss ball in a jar

My Mossy is very clever, as well as cute.
Occasionally he will make his own fun, and entertain me at the same time.
 When he feels like it he floats up to the top of the water, and hangs out there! 

Close up of marimo moss ball floating in water with bubbles

How does he do it?
Well I'm not exactly sure, but I do notice that he does this when the water is a bit low, and he seems to use air bubbles to float up.He usually does have a few air bubbles hanging onto him, but when he floats to the top I notice he has quite a few.

I don't know where he gets the bubbles from.Id say he does release them himself, as supposedly Marimo,or at least some of them, have a hollow center.
(But I'm sure its not bad gas emissions as some people have suggested!)
Most of the information I've seen, reason the floating is for photosynthesis, and its to do with light streams,which would make sense.
But I have wondered if it has something to do with oxygen.
However he does it, its really cool.

As you can see Mossy receives lots of light, but Marimo definitely don't like direct sun.
I have read a number of times that they don't like much light, but I have found this to be incorrect. 
And not only from my own experience.
Last Christmas we gifted two much larger Marimo to our daughter T and son in law M . They found that after a few months of keeping theirs on the darker side of their living room, that their Marimo weren't looking as healthy as Mossy. And that they had become a very dull dark green. So the moved them closer to the window and after a few weeks they were wonderfully glowing green again. 

Another thing Ive read is that Marimo need cool water.
  Well I'm not saying that they don't, but I don't get to worried about keeping Mossy's water at a constant temperature. Mossy and I live in Queensland Australia, and we get very hot summers, and we do not have air conditioning. 
Mossy lives in a little jar, eleven and a half cm by eight cm. And if we have a run of very hot days in the high thirties or low forties, Celsius that is. Then I will add some fridge water to Mossy's jar or occasionally a little ice block. And he has been just as gorgeous and green as when he first came to live with me.
 (Well actually even greener and more gorgeous, because..well he doesn't like me to remind him of it so I'll have to whisper) ...
 but when I got him he not only had to deal with being shoved in a plastic bag and posted- but by the time I received him, he was squashed flat! He still has a little tuft of hair that sticks up from where he nearly split in half : {

Close up of marimo moss ball terrariam

About once a fortnight or less I give Mossy a change of water.
And a little rinse to get the old water out of him, and keep him fresh and smelling good.
 With filtered water of course.
I have a bowl of fresh water,which I dunk him in, then I give him a gentle little squeeze and dunk again and squeeze. I do this a few times, then I change the water in the bowl again for a last rinse.
 I then roll him between my hands and lightly press any lumpy bits, just to make him nice and round and to make sure I haven't swished him out of shape.
No helping that tuft though!
He really does love all the attention and seems to thrive on it.

A few other interesting little tid bits about Marimo moss balls

I might whisper this bit as well..... ( Because I'm not sure how Mossy will take it, he might be a bit young to know the truth yet.)

(Moss balls aren't actually moss! They are a water plant.In fact they are a rare green algae!)

In Japanese Marimo means - ball seaweed - or some variation of that.

There is a wonderful Japanese legend about Marimo.

Its about two lovers kept apart by their families, that is well worth looking up.

The Japanese believe that Marimo bring you luck.

They are found naturally in a few lakes around the world.

Marimo grow very slowly, about 5mm per year.

And Marimo are great for interior decor!

If you feel inspired to have a Mossy of your own, you might like to visit this link for some really good information by Wendi Phan


marimo moss ball

Well I cant say Mossy has brought me any luck.
 But he has definitely given me lots of enjoyment. 
And happiness.
I don't know what it is, but whenever I look at that cute little green ball, I just feel happy.

Close up of Marimo Moss Ball

Bye for now.
 See you round.
Like a moss ball!

She :)

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The fresh, the fried and the fallow!

Have a great day!

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Vintage Home Decor illustrations From The 60's

 I was looking through some of the older books in our book case. Among the various books like Scream Queens, The History Of Flower Arranging, and The Colourful World of Birds I rediscovered this handsome hardcover volume, Reader's Digest Do-It-Yourself Manual, published in Australia 1965

Readers Digest DIY Manual Australia 1965

 He has owned this book for a number of years now. It was given to him by his father, when we were renovating our previous home. A cute little Edwardian weatherboard in Glen Iris, Victoria. My father in-law was a cabinet maker and though he had taught He quite a bit of carpentry, the book could be used as a great reference source.

I helped with many things during that renovation, such as paint stripping, floor sanding, demolition, holding up cornice etc. But I definitely don't have any carpentry skills at all.
 (even with such a great reference book !)
My interest in the book was the fabulous 60s furniture and outdoor living designs contained within, and of course the wonderful retro illustrations!
And even though our renovation was very Country Edwardian at the time, I definitely still loved sixties styling.

So today when I was looking through the book, I thought of you, and wondered if you would like to share in the enjoyment of them.

60s couple doing home decor

Obviously she has about as much skill as I do!
 Here darling, just hold that screw driver and look pretty.

1960s lounge/living  room

1960s cocktail bar

1960s sideboard

1960s couples enjoying a bbq

1960s outdoor area with cane chair

Don't you just love vintage illustrations?

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Going Green And Upcycling

Recently our son J, gave He a gift of Lucky Buddha Beer imported from China. I was told that the beer itself was deliciously light and refreshing. Now, except for being happy for the giver and receiver, the quality of the beer was of no concern to me, as I don't drink beer. But the bottle the beer came in was another story altogether.

Lucky Buddha bottle cap

Upcycling a green beer bottle

I was immediately attracted to the gorgeous jade green of the glass as the light shone through it.Then my eyes fell to the front of the bottle where I discovered a wonderful embossed depiction of a laughing Buddha.

 Upcycling a bottle that has a buddha on the front

I wanted to be able to inspect the bottle closely, and sat waiting impatiently for He to finish drinking its contents. As I watched him savour each slow mouth full, it dawned on me just how rude I was being. Sitting there with my eyes glued to the bottle, interfering in the enjoyment of his gift. So I guiltily vacated the room to ponder what use I could make of the bottle when it was empty.

A bottle that is to be upcycled

She joined me at this point and had many creative suggestions for its use.
It could be a vase she prompted, or a personal water bottle, what about a container for one of our home made facial toners! Or just a decor piece sitting around looking interesting.

She and Me Blog

Later that day when I was assured that He was happy for me to have the bottle, I happily inspected it  and my findings only added to my fondness for the chubby little green bottle. Just above the Buddha, on the neck of the bottle was the word Lucky printed in gold.Underneath the bottle on its base were the Chinese symbols for Luck, Good Fortune, Longevity and Happiness. I presumed these were placed on the underneath so that every time the drinker lifted the bottle they would actually be making a lovely toast!

A lucky beer bottle

Chinese symbols on bottom of bottle

I really had to admire the makers and marketers of this product.Along with the  previously described assets of the bottle, the packaging the beer came in had an inspiring spiel about all natural ingredients and pristine water of the 1000 island lake.

I was curious enough to look into its production a little, and found that it was actually and Australian company! The beer had originally been brewed here in Australia.Though later, for a number of reasons the owners moved the production to China. Such as the availability of master brewers etc, I was glad to know it was not only for monetary reasons.

And so what did I do with the laughing Buddha?
Well I took one of these.....

Beer bottle used for olive oil bottle

And made it into an olive oil bottle for our kitchen!
How simple was that.

Upcycled beer bottle used an olive oil bottle

I just used the spout from my existing oil bottle, but you can purchase them in pairs for a few dollars from discount or kitchen stores. The bottle does have writing on the back, which you can remove with CLR. I am unsure about how environmental the product is so I haven't removed the writing as yet.If you are interested here is a link on how to do it.

I have another bottle now from someone else, I did think of making a matching set of oil and vinegar, but I rather like the individual look.The second bottle sits on the other side of kitchen near the sink and its use is varied. Sometimes it holds herbs or a home made herbal disinfectant rinse for my hands. I did think of using it as a dish liquid bottle, but worried about any mix ups! If I get tired of the oil bottle that might just be my next choice.

Clearly all the symbols where in action. He had the good fortune of receiving a nice gift, I felt lucky to be able to up-cycle such a lovely bottle and J who is studying for a degree in Environmental Science was happy that the giant footprint of the imported beer was reduced somewhat by the reuse of the bottle. And the memory of the gift itself has longevity, whenever the bottle is looked at. It really is Lucky Beer!

up-cycled beer bottle used for olive oil pourer

I am obviously not the only admirer of this cute bottle. As you can see from these links, and many more ideas out there.

If you would like to have one or more Buddha bottles yourself, they are very inexpensive at around $3.50 each or $18.00 AU a six pack. (ten green bottles hanging on the wall ;)

Let us know what you think of the up-cycle, or tell us your own ideas for reusing or up cycling the Buddha bottle.



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