Sunday, 29 January 2017

Decorating with indoor plants

Plants In The Home
It seems decorating with indoor plants, especially in interesting pots or planters is still one of the hottest interior home decor trends.

indoor plants in vintage planters of brass and pottery

Ive really been enjoying the resurgence in popularity indoor plants have had in the past few years.
I think the renewed fashion has been helped along a great deal by environmental awareness, and the popularity of mid century and 70s trends in decor. As both of those eras were very big on interior decor that included indoor or house plants.
Indoor plant an cupboard  with art work on wall  and vintage vase
Art piece by Natasha Gardos

Growing up with plant loving parents, the garden as well as the family home, was always filled with wonderful plants and flowers.
I suppose it was from this lovely influence, that in my own home, having not only an outdoor garden but an interior one, has always been an essential part of who I am.
 As well as enjoying the look of plants, I absolutely love the feeling plants bring to a space, don't you?

(Pathos) Devils ivy indoor plant in vintage planter pot
Pathos (devils Ivy)

Indoor Plants Help Clean The Air

  Including plants in your interior decor can benefit your home lifestyle in many ways.
Plants can bring a wonderful feeling of life to any area.
Though most importantly they help to clean the air in our homes.They do this by absorbing harmful chemical gases such as benzene and formaldehyde, these harmful gases can be present in our homes from everyday things, like plastics, furnishings and household cleaners.
I mean who doesn't want to breath less chemicals or enjoy cleaner air in their home?

snake plant sanservieria
(Sanservieria) Snake plant

Plants cleaning the air? Is this scientific fact?
Well for a long time there was a great deal of agreement on this point, but just recently it seems to have become a contentious issue with a few people, Then again so is climate change!
What I personally can tell you, is most plant lovers, my self included, know from their own experience that plants make the air in their home environment feel fresher. Which is one of the reasons they love having plants in their home! 

At the end of this article I've included a link to Plant Life Balance, a campaign to encourage the use of more plants. In collaboration with the campaign, researchers at RMIT University and the University of Melbourne have taken the last fifty years of studies into plants and the affect they have on our 
well being, and turned it into one distilled guide that explains in simple science the benefits we can gain from having plants in our living spaces. 
It also has lots of information on the number,size and type of plants most beneficial, as well as styling ideas and a great virtual reality app that helps you style your home with plants. A site definitely worth your time, facts, fun and fashion in one place.

Jade plant Crassula ovarta
(Crassula ovarta) Jade

Indoor Plants Make Us Feel Good

Plants improve the perception of the space they are in.
Indoor plants can affect our physical, emotional and mental well being.
 Many companies are introducing plants or increasing the number of plants in their
offices or buildings, as are many schools and hospitals.
 Not only because they make a space feel good to us, but because they make us feel good.

Many studies have shown that indoor plants reduce stress and fatigue, increase positive mood,
 memory, concentration, production and creativity!
If that is not a good reason to accommodate some lovely greenery in your
 living spaces, I don't know what is.

Indoor plants in vintage cane and woven grass baskets

Decorating With Indoor Plants 

I like to think of the plants and planters in my home as changeable accessories, just like cushions!
My indoor plants are a constantly evolving display, I find rearranging them a really fun and
creative activity.
 Having a variety of plants can make your display more interesting with varied height, texture,
 colour,  plant and leaf shape. Big, little, hanging, prostrate, prickly, smooth, perfumed 
or flowering.

indoor plant decor with wall painting and vintage bar cart
 Art piece by Natasha Gardos

There are so many choices, you are sure to find plants that appeal to you. And don't worry about having too many the more plants are together, the more they like it
And they will create their own micro climates that help them to stay healthy.

There are many easy care  plants that are especially good for beginners.
Like Pathos (Epipremnum aureum), Mother in- laws tongue/Snake plant (Sansevieria)
 Jade (Crassula ovarta), philodendron, rubber plant(Ficus elastica), spider plant (Chlorophytum)

spider plant indoor plant
(Clorophytum) Spider plant

I tend to keep most of my plants growing in the standard sized plastic pots, and then I display them inside a planter of some kind that I think suits my decor. Sphagnum moss or coco fibre
can be used to hide the plastic pot, if you think it spoils the look.

 Using this method I am then able to place a changing array of plants in the one planter.
That way if I think a plant looks lovely were it is I can leave it in place. But if I purchase a new plant
or become bored with the plant currently in that planter I can replace it with another.

This is also a good practice if the plant needs some outdoor air, you can take it outside for a
 breather and replace it with another. Or you may find that as the seasons progress that your plant is receiving to little or to much light, so you can replace it with one more suited to the light conditions.

Indoor plant in a blue planter

Succulent in a vintae anodised aluminium planter

 Another reason I find it convenient to keep my plants in a plastic pot within a planter, is
 when it comes to watering. It is so convenient just to lift out the plastic pot and take it to
the laundry or outside for watering. Especially if your plant sits on a piece of furniture, less chance
 of  the water damaging the furniture.

Or if your planter is a heavy one it saves you lugging it out and back when its watering time.
Of course if you would like to water in place, you can also have an inner vessel without drainage
holes between your potted plant and its planter that can catch any excess water.

Some ceramic or metal planters have a tendency to absorb even small amounts of water, from even
 a well drained plant, and this can lead to moisture being deposited onto the surface it is placed on.
So a good idea is protect surfaces with an under mat or you can place a hanging basket liner
or coco fiber at the base of your pot, to absorb any residual moisture

Indoor plants in vintage metal containers


Now when it  comes to changing your indoor plant decor display, it is just as much fun to
switch out the planters as the plants.
You can keep your favourite plants and just change their planters to get a different look.
Or if your plant has grown and doesn't fit the planter anymore, you get the opportunity to try
 something different.

Indoor plants with colourful kitchenware

Or start a collection of similar planters by colour or style, like brass, pottery, ceramic or white,
 marble or black, modern geometric or cool trending vintage.Perhaps start with the colours you
like to use in your decor or ones that will compliment the type of plants you choose.
 And of course a variety of sizes  and textures adds interest.Just like plants, the planter comes
 in a head spinning variety, you can collect to your hearts content.

Indoor plants in brown  vintage pottery

Besides vessels designed for plants, look outside the box and get creative.
I like to use a lot of vintage in my home, but it can be difficult or expensive to source
vintage planters.
So I like to use cups and jugs, vases, compotes, baskets and even sugar bowls or anything else
that takes my fancy, adds a touch of whimsy or matches the look or colour I'm after.

Indoor plants in blue vintage planters


 Indoor plants and their containers, vintage or contemporary, can add so much to your decor.
 Plants are an easy decorating accessory to play around with. As mentioned  you can rearrange them at anytime, by moving them around to different areas in your room or home. You can change the pot/planter or even replace the plants themselves to get a whole new look, seasonally, or just randomly, when the mood takes you,
 Different times of the year bring different opportunities for flowering or scented plants. Celebrations such as Christmas, Easter or Birthdays are perfect times for these.

Golden chain orchid in copper planter

Decorating with indoor plants can be done in such a variety of ways, there are plants
and display styles to suit every individual and their space.
From elegant to colourful and quirky, from earthy and environmental to the
 latest mod style,boho chic to jungle Jane.

My own style - well if you can call it that, is very eclectic, what I would probably call
"free range - organic" All the photos in this post are from my own home.
Plant styling, or plant decor is just like the rest of your home decor, the choices are endless
and all yours.
You might even come up with a style of your own!

White and purple (phalaenopsis) moth orchid in a brass decorative pot

Bringing The Outdoors In

 Just as we extend our living space outdoors, having indoor plants as part of your decor
brings the outdoors in.
 Plants are used outside for landscaping.But  you can use the some of the same principles
 inside with plants for housescaping!
Plants enhance the beauty of any home by improving the atmosphere or ambience of a space.
 Plants can be used to screen something unattractive,or as a lovely green room divider.
Use them to frame an entrance, or an art work.A lovely large house plant makes a
wonderful focal point in a room.

White moth orchid on a table with a painted art piece on the wall

White (Phalaenopsis) moth orchid on ahall table

Do you have noisy children, family or pets? believe it or not plants can even help you with noise reduction in your home, by absorbing sounds, especially the high pitched frequencies.
And don't forget all the other personal benefits of bringing the outdoors in that we discussed earlier, such as improved air quality and mood.

So if you haven't started creating an interior garden of your own as yet, my advise is
 "Get to it"
And enjoy some wonderful leafy goodness in your living space.
Start with just one plant, and see how it makes you feel.
I   think you will be pleasantly surprised, as well as healthier and happier!

succulent in a pottery face jug on a vintage bar cart

 If you are looking for styling ideas for decorating with indoor plants I have collected quite a few interesting styles and various ideas you might find helpful on my - Interior Garden - Pinterest board 
You can find it here

Don't forget to have a look art Plant Life Balance for information on the science
 and best plant choices.

I will be posting some tips on caring for your indoor plants soon, so watch out for that one.

Succulent and fern plants in vintage enamelware

And if you are already an indoor gardener, please share with us, I'm sure we would all love to here from you.

Happy indoor gardening everyone!


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Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Just had to share some Japanese cuteness with you, or Kawaii.
We were given these very sweet gifts by our Daughter T, on her return from a recent trip to Japan.

Kawaii Japanese  cute dog and chic on match box and matches

First up are these Japanese Kawaii match boxes.
I just love the cute little  chick and dog face on each match.
So simple but sweet.

Kawaii  cute dog  on match box in japanese packaging
Kawaii chick on Japanese packaging of matchbox

Then we have Tokyo Banana!

Japanese sweet Tokyo Banana box
 Tokyo Banana Japanese sweet in a box

Its a souvenir sweet of Tokyo. They are lovely fluffy sponge cakes
 with a custard type banana flavoured filling.

Japanese  sweet Tokyo Bannana

And last, but far from least, this box of Japanese cookies. As you can see by the illustration
 on the front of the package, the cookies are of a very funny little Japanese character
 named Gudetama.
Gudetama is a little unusual because he is an egg! A very lazy egg.

Japanese box of cookies of Gudetama the lazy egg
Gudetama, pronounced (Goo-deh tama), is a character created by the same company ( Sanrio ) as
Hello Kitty.
Not only is he on you tube and just about every product you can think of but Gudetama has his own Twitter and Facebook accounts with very large followings!

Japanese  Gudetama cookies,side of box showing Gudetama

Kawaii Japanese cookies of Gudetama

Most Sanrio characters are cute and sweet
 Gudetama is definitely cute, but he is also extremely lazy and depressed, often hiding from the world in his shell or wrapping himself in his bacon security blanket.

Some articles have reported the character is based on the way parents see their millennial children!
 Whatever ideas are behind his creation, I think he is a little weird, sweet and funny.
(Be warned there can be some grossness attached to him as well!)
 He is a big sensation in Japan, and his popularity is spreading across the world.
When I looked at a few gifs and clips staring Gudetama, I could see why.

Gudetama the lazy egg wrapped in bacon

 gif of Gudetama, a funny but  lazy egg character from Japan

I find Japanese culture really interesting for many reasons, The history, fashion and elegant serene gardens but one of the biggest has to be their wonderful products. Whether food, utensils, decor or art, so much effort has gone into making them cute, beautiful or evocative.
Their products are never just something you eat or use.
 They often bring a smile to my face or twang my heart strings.
And that is something I can always have more of.

What about you?
Love to hear your comments.

I think I might go and watch... just a few more.... Gudetama clips!
She : D
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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dog Gone Cute - Vintage Post Cards

Whilst pocking around in the card and paper section of a local op shop, we came across a package of vintage postcards. The cards were wrapped in a see through plastic bag, that had been diligently sealed with quite a lot of tape! So only the top card was visible.
As you can see by the picture below, the top post card was a cute illustration of dogs on a street corner.
She fell instantly for the little sausage dog! And though I'm very partial to Scotty dogs, it was the style of the illustration and the colours used that I took a shine to.

Vintage Dog Post Card

We wondered what was likely to be in the rest of the package.We could see that all the cards were the same size, so we hoped they would be from the same set.The conclusion of the wondering was that it would be either, more of the same card (which is what I expected) or variations of the top one.

As I wrote in this post Easter Bunnies  I knew it would be futile to argue
 with She,
when it came to the question of  buying a package of unknown content.  
  And as we both thought the top card was just so, well.. doggone cute!
And definitely worth the price, even if it the only cute card was the one we could see.
So we purchased the little package of cards and tape. 

On our arrival home, She, of course, attacked the plastic bag with hand and scissors in her excited impatience to see its contents!

Vintage illustrated Post Cards of cute animals

And as you can see, it turned out there were actually four different illustrations of cute dogs, one even included a few friendly felines as well.
There were a number of repeats in the package, but unfortunately only one copy of the sausage dog and poodle together!

Illustrated post card of  cute poodle and sausage dog

Vintage post card of cute dogs

Vintage illustrated post card of cute animals

 So we decided to keep the set of four to include in our own collection, and the spares will go into our Etsy store. 
Vintage illustration of cute dogs on a post card

vintage illustrated post card of a poodle and sausage dog

Vintage illustration of cute animals

Vintage illustrated post card of a cute dog and three kitens.

Aren't they wonderful?

I have tried to research the artist Inge Scherer. So far I have found no information. The only thing I did find were some other postcards by the same artist. There were a few of  sweet little kittens and one of a lion, all in the same lovely style.

So if you happen to know any information about the artist, please let us know.
Hope you enjoyed viewing our little ephemera find.

 Which one is your favourite?


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